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  Description of emplacement, project and construction
  General climatic conditions, vegetation and season
  Kind of the buildings, used materials and infrastructure
  Maintenance of the infrastructure at the villa park


VIlla Park "Kings Resort" Sv. Nikola – Chernomorets, at the south Black Sea coast

Description of emplacement, project and construction

The idylic small town of Sv. Nikola - Chernomorets is situated approx. 30 km south of the district capital Bourgas and the international airport. A two lane first-class main road access is provided in between Bourgas and Chernomorets.

The villa park “Kings Resort ” is placed on the south slope of a moderately dropping hill, with direct sea impact in the village of Sv. Nikola– Chernomorets.
(map Black Sea coast)

8 km south of the villa park do you find the culturally very valuable and touristic highly developed town of Sozopol. This place is only separated from the villa park with a continous halfmoon-like, wonderful sandy and up to 200m wide marvelous bay. Because of its beautiful emplacement the bay by right is called the “Sunny bay of Bulgaria”.

At the moment the tourism project is converted at full extent by the Suisse Cross Investement Ltd.. The whole villa park contains:

- 15 high graded villas, almost all including a private swimming pool.
- An administration building of Suisse Cross Ltd.
- A restaurant covering 60 places and a nice terrace.
- A shop for the daily use of goods
- A garden-, a parking- and a security infrastructure
- A beach bar
- A childrens playground
- A well treated and standardized sandy beach with sun chairs and umbrellas.

(Masterplan and arrangement of the villa park)

General climatic conditions, vegetation and season

The whole property of the villa park amounts over 12`000 square meters. The climate may be considered as moderately continental. Four pronounced seasons and one summer season over almost five months extended belong to the normal rule.

Kind of the buildings, used materials and infrastructure

The buildings provided will be all from solid construction. They are built to fulfill all legal requirements valid in the state and as well after Swiss guidelines.

A solid iron concrete construction, with line foundation and with partitions from solid clay bricks and glass concrete blocks (Ytong) are built. All used building materials are certified according to the European Union requirements.

The installations are hidden and thermally insulated. The electricity installations are installed into arranged pipes, which facilitates the maintenance and possible repair work.

The outside door- and window frameworks are are adapted by color to the outside wall and are made of aluminum. The internal door- and window frameworks are made of wood or from laminated parts.

The floor surface is laid out with granite stone plates, commercial laminates in the wet zones or wood parquet linings in the living zones.

The external wall plaster is classic and partial polymere with wood interpretation, according to the architectural project.

The roof is steeply, provided with clay bricks and down-hanging external borders. This architectural style is typically Bulgarian and offers an ideal protection from the summer heat.

For each house local air conditioning systems and a furniture equipment according to western standard are intended.

The villa park will have the necessary number of parking lots, perfectly manufactured approach road ways, as well as appropriate vertical planing. Likewise it will contain a children's playground, outer fences and pools for nearly all houses. All these mechanisms will secure an unforgettable vacation.

The plot is supplied with fresh water and electricity. Only new distributors for the individual buildings are attached. The waste water disposal becomes over a anti septic tank made of German origin. Whereby the waste water can decompose by a new technology and be led back afterwards into drains of the community in Chernomorets.

The waste disposal is regulated with the local community of Chernomorets. All waste is collected in particularly containers intended for it and led into a national refuse dump. For the strict conversion of these requirements the employees of the Suisse Cross Ltd. are trained in detail.


As already mentioned does the architecture contain 15 villas, a safety complex and an administration building with restaurant on a total area of 12`000 square meters. All villas contain a generous floor space with sanitary installations and equipments after Swiss standard.

All details and the positioning of the villa types can be taken from the designs of our architects as shown on the master plan.
(Masterplan and arrangement of the villa park)

Maintenance of the infrastructure at the villa park

The maintenance and the infrastructure of the whole park will be provided after the completion and sales of the villas through the company Suisse Cross Ltd. The service contains the following procedures:

- House maintenance work
- House cleaning
- Garden work
- Pool cleaning
- 24 hours surveillance of the villa park through a professional    safety guard
- Airport pick-up service
- Tourism arrangements and bookings
- Bookings for a rental car
- Restaurant-, shop- und administration facility working 360 days a year.
- Beach cleaning and maintenance
- Laundry service for home textiles
- Administration- und Reception staff occupied 360 days a year and reachable at all time by e-mail, telephone or fax.
- further possibilities after arrangement

This service package is granted against an annual lump sum of Euro 1`500.00, which has to be paid every season at the beginning of the year by the respective owner. A further additional plus, so that you might feel well all over!

All points mentioned on the company establishment (see Legal bases to the aquisition of residential property in Bulgaria) as well as on the maintenance after the construction will be agreed in the sales contract.


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